The Business of Photography Workshop™

2015 dates announced soon!

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Hosted by photographers Jalene Taylor and Kristin Brown, The Business of Photography Workshop™ is an all-day workshop focusing on understanding and applying the principles that make a small, creative business successful. This workshop will help you overcome fears in business, streamline and organize your business to become more profitable, and live a balanced life in the process. We both agree that many creative businesses struggle with many of the things required to be run a successful business. While you may have all the talent and product beautiful work, it takes business sense to know how to turn that talent into profit. We’ve teamed up since we both have strengths and expertise in different areas.
We knew we could combine efforts to really help others on their path to operating a successful small business.

“The best thing I got from the workshop was empowerment!… I feel so much more prepared to face my future as a photographer!” -April 2013 Workshop Attendee


Date: 2015 dates announced soon!






Who Should Come?

While our experience is in wedding photography, the business principles we’ll be discussing will apply to anyone with a creative small business. This workshop will specifically help those who:
  • want to take their business full-time
  • are photographing full-time but feel overwhelmed keeping up with the business side of things
  • feel stuck and want to take their business to the next level
  • are passionate about what they do and are willing to put in the time and effort into growing a sustainable business

In this workshop we will be focusing solely on the business of photography. If you’re looking for help with the technical aspect of photography, Jalene offers one-on-one mentoring here.

A Peek at What We’ll Cover

  • Building a business based on your strengths and authentic personality
  • The financial/legal requirements to make your business official
  • How to systematize and organize your business behind the scenes
  • Cutting post-production time down to maximize profit and efficiency
  • The client experience
  • Marketing, networking, and social media
  • Creating an effective website
  • Goal-setting and making real change in your life and business

You’ll Also Receive…

  • a bonus one-on-one follow up session*
  • a delicious lunch!
  • plenty of time for Q&A
  • Jalene’s customized Excel documents to help keep your financial records organized
  • sample contracts, email templates, workflow checklists
  • access to an exclusive Facebook group to share referrals and have accountability for your goals
  • a new headshot for your website & social media

*We want the principles you learn in this workshop to actually be put into practice to help you become more successful. With that in mind, we are including a bonus personal follow-up session for each attendee 4-6 weeks following the workshop. This means you’ll have the opportunity for an hour-long Skype call with either Jalene or Kristin to ask any lingering questions you may have and to have some accountability for the goals you’ve set for yourself.

“I had a fantastic time at The Business of Photography Workshop™!… I highly recommend it for anyone needing a little extra push with their business.” -Tiffany Anderson


Cost: $350 

Date: 2015 dates announced soon!







Jalene is the owner and photographer behind J. Taylor Photography™ and has been in business since 2009. While pursuing her degree in personal finance at USU, she always dreamed of having her own wedding photography business. After taking her business full-time early 2012, she went from booking six weddings one year to 31 the next. Her background in finance has given her the education and experience necessary to bypass the many hurdles new business owners face.





Kristin has been a photographer and owner of Kristin Brown Photography for four years. During that time, she discovered an unexpected love for all things business. With experience working for and assisting other small companies, she is now capitalizing on her strengths in business to help others run their own small creative businesses more effectively. She loves helping others find a way to make a living doing something they love.







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