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Two blog posts in two days?!
Man, I’m on a roll.  ;)

I had the opportunity this week to photograph two of my closest friends, Kristin & Kenny.
Kristin is also a wedding and portrait photographer and photographed me and with me many times.
These two are moving to California in less than a month for law school
and I don’t even really like talking about that because it makes me really really sad.

Kristin and I were roommates when her and Kenny started dating so I’ve seen their entire relationship since the beginning.
And as of a month ago today, they have been married for three years!
Kristin and I have tried to photograph each other every year, but this is the first time I got to photograph them together.
Photographing friends takes me to a whole other level of happiness.

I’m going to miss these two a lot, but hopefully visits here and there will be plentiful.
Kristin and I have always enjoying talking about photography and our businesses together.
We went to dinner after the shoot and our husbands looked at us like we were speaking
a foreign language when we started saying things like, “My 50, 1.4… shooting at f/2.”  Haha.

We love you guys!

If you are a looking for a couples or anniversary type shoot like this one, please email me!
I love photographing married couples too!

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  • oh my goooosssshhhh!! i adore them!! the big vertical black and white is my FAVORITE. thank you thank you thank you!ReplyCancel

  • So gorgeous Jalene! I love Kenny and Kristin!!ReplyCancel

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