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Today I bring you one of my June weddings!
Meet Annie & Michael.
High school sweethearts and one of the most genuine couples I’ve ever worked with.

I spent a wonderful (blistering hot) day with them in June and absolutely enjoyed every second of it.
One of the funniest parts of the day was when we were taking portraits of them at the temple, Michael told me this story.
He explained that after the ceremony in the temple, he went to the dressing room to change into his tux.
He opened the tux bag and looked inside to find that his tux pants were missing.
He stared at it for a moment… and then exclaimed, “I’ve ruined everything!”
Michael was quite stressed, to say the least, and spent the next few minutes trying to figure out what to do.
Luckily, a simliar-sized-groomsmen came into the picture and saved the day!
Michael wore his groomsmen’s pants and the groomsmen wore Michael’s church pants.

Luckily, the pants mishap didn’t ruin everything.  I couldn’t stop giggling about it all day.

Annie & Michael come from two wonderful families.
And Annie’s sister-in-law, Val, who has second shot with me before, did double duty as bridesmaid and second shooter.
She’s pretty amazing.

I hope you enjoy my favorites from their day!

Oh… And I may or may not have eaten about five cups of the most delicious lemon frozen yogurt I’ve ever tasted…

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