elsha & kevin. june 8


I had never been so scared in my entire life. I was a young naïve girl full of fears and hesitations when I met Kevin my sophomore year of High School. Not to mention I knew he was many leagues out of mine. The first time I had ever seen him I was overwhelmed by a total heart throb with a chin to the floor! After I cleaned up my drool running down the side of my mouth… I was attracted to the spunk in his step and his motivation and will power for life. No matter how big his ego could have been, he always managed to put that aside. I loved watching him interact with other people; whether they were good friends or strangers, he had such a way with people. Someone once told me that if you want to know if you’re dating a good guy they will “Work for a cause, NOT for applause. They will live life to express NOT to impress. They won’t strive to make their presence noticed just to make their absence felt…” I was so attracted to how his presence would draw people in. He always had a way of putting other people before himself and of making people feel like they were worth the world and then some. He literally would give up his whole self for other people.

We spent a short amount of time together, before he left to serve the Lord for two years. Living approximately 5,317 miles away from each other. Elder Roberts in Geneva Switzerland, and myself in Utah. Just my luck he was speaking French, also known as the awfully romantic language of love. The two years while he was away the mail box, pen, paper, envelopes and stamps became very close and dear to me. Every letter I would receive I couldn’t wait to get the next one. Turns out we became great pen pals which later turned into forever. Kevin told me when he would receive my letters he would like to eat them with a delicious French pastry just to make them that much greater. Yes, Kevin was slowly sweeping me off my feet.  Kevin’s letters became my safe haven that I will always hold close to my heart. Some people say out of sight out of mind, and I have to say that is false. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Those two years every guy that I encountered never even came close to the qualities of Kevin Roberts. The years turned into months, then the months turned into weeks, then the weeks soon enough turned into days! And we were inseparable as soon as he got home in April. We’ve both come so far, and learned so much.

Kevin makes me a better person. When I’m with him it feels like we are the only two beings on this earth. His incredible smile and 6 foot 4 genes make me weak at the knees. He puts all of his needs aside for me. He wears stunning French fitted suits to church with sometimes a sharp skinny tie. Many times he would prefer a longboard over a car for transportation. His Polynesian genes can make him shake his bootay and hips like Shakira. He is driven and determined. He is everything I could have asked for and then some. Life is a fairytale and he is my prince; he treats me SO good. He has this incredible way of making me feel like the only girl in the world…and meanwhile, every girl in the room is drooling over him. He loves me. Unconditionally. It is so incredibly humbling to trust someone with your life and whole heart, with every fault, secrets and insecurities.

I cannot wait to be with him forever. I hope he is okay with that because he is mine for keeps. I expect marriage to be a lot of teamwork. It will be hard and require a lot of patience and compromise but it will also be totally worth it, and it is worth all the hard work to have your best friend to laugh with, cry with to spend and endure the rest of your life with. I love the peace and comfort of knowing there is always someone with listening ears, someone to talk to, and someone who truly cares.  It’s more than encouraging knowing that you’re not in it alone and that you have the world’s best teammate.  No matter how dark your days may seem, or how inadequate you may feel, there will always be someone who loves you and is completely more than capable of making you feel like a million bucks. I fell, and I am still falling head over heels. I am never letting go.

Meeting Kevin was the best day of my life.
I have a smile from ear to ear.
Pretty sure that June 8th is going to be hard to top!
In the Salt Lake temple and I cannot wait.
I am one lucky and happy gal.
What is greater than starting forever with your best friend and better half?

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