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Most people in Utah seem to meet their husbands / wives through friends, at church / institute or at school. Especially as a BYU student  – where I went to ten weddings in a month and a half one summer – I felt it was somewhat safe to assume that I would maybe find the love of my life the same way everyone else around me did.

Well, I’m not like everyone else, and either is my love story.

After graduating from BYU, I stayed in Provo for about a year before a series of events lead me up to Salt Lake City to see if I could get my foot in the door at a news station. I graduated in Communications from BYU at the age of 19, and I was going through an “I’m young so let’s just see how this works” stage of my life. I moved into an apartment in a scary part of town on my 21st birthday, and was fortunate enough to secure a job at KSL as a receptionist. I felt that any foot in the door was a good foot in the door.

Working as a receptionist, some days I was on the first floor, other days I was on the fourth floor with KSL’s sales department.  Because KSL is a news building, we are very secure. Employees have keycards to open all the main doors, but on the forth floor, the receptionist has a button under the desk that opens the first set of glass doors to the sales department. When times were slow, I was usually writing or looking at something – not the door – and people would try to open the door and it wouldn’t budge because I was distracted.

There was one particular sales manager named Corey, who always was teasing me when I forgot to open the door for someone, especially when I forgot him. It got to the point where he would bring clients up, and even when I pressed the button to open the door in time, he would pretend it was still locked to give me a hard time. Sometimes, just to be a pain, I would stare at him trying to get in the door and purposely not open it for him. It was fun.

One day, after working there for about a month, Corey told me about how he had a son who was my age and that I should “send him an e-mail on Facebook, or however that worked.” I’m a very outgoing person, and since I already had a good relationship with his dad, I found Zach online and sent him the following:

Hey! I work with your dad (Corey) at KSL and he told me to send you a message on Facebook / say hi. So, hello! He said you’re in the Philippines until Thursday, so have a great rest of the trip.

Oh, and my name is Ché (Shay). Sorry if this is totally weird, but I promised I would send one!

Since I thought he was way cute, I changed my profile picture to one of me from the Miss South Jordan pageant that I competed in a month earlier since it was the prettiest picture I had. Luckily, it worked because he sent this message back a couple days later with his number:

 Whats up?! Haha na my dads kinda a funny guy so no worries… It’d be cool to get ya know ya sometime! Shoot me a txt when you have a sec

We started talking and he asked me to go out with him on that Friday. We both ended up being a little late and I was freaking out when I called him to tell him I was running late (first talk jitters). He came to my parents’ house in South Jordan to pick me up, and when I opened the door, there was this totally tan (freshly back from the Philippines), very cute guy, wearing a bright pink Hollister t-shirt.

I didn’t really know what to think about this guy (maybe a pretty boy without much brain? I mean, he did have on a bright pink shirt) but apparently Zach’s dad told him he’s sorry if I was too blonde for him (even with a BA at 19, I still have my moments, so it worked out for both of us. We had no idea what to think.) We met up with three other people (I didn’t get my first solo date with him until mid-July) and saw Cars 2. For whatever reason, I felt really comfortable with him and started making funny comments during the movie. When I noticed I was saying really weird things, I got self-conscious, until he started saying the same kind of things back, which was super exciting that he was kind of a dork too.

The rest of the night went well, and I found myself giggling. I have never been one to giggle before meeting Zach. We did have a couple first date bumps – like going to Sub Zero when I’m lactose-intolerant, and when I grilled him really badly when I found out I knew his ex (we met about a month earlier and bonded in ten minutes talking about how dumb our exes were), to make sure he wasn’t anything like she said – he wasn’t.

We kept talking throughout the next week and even though he is a University of Utah Ute and I am a BYU Cougar, I (happily) agreed to a second date, and went out to a drive-in with his brother. Ever since that second date, we have been inseparable. Even though I know I’ll probably be teased the rest of my life by my future father-in-law, I couldn’t have asked for a better love story or prince charming.


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